COVID-19 Updates 27 May, 2020

COVID-19 Updates 27 May, 2020

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As residents perish, nursing homes fight for protection from lawsuits

  • The nursing home industry is working to secure protections from liability in lawsuits. This comes after over 28,000 people have died of COVID-19 in care facilities.
  • 20 states have taken action to limit the legal exposure of nursing homes which could face huge losses if families of COVID-19 victims successfully sue facilities hit by the pandemic. Many of these facilities were reported to have failed to properly protect their residents from COVID-19. 
  • States that have passed such liability include New York, Connecticut, Alabama, and Arkansas.

COVID-19 Is Crushing Black Communities. Some States Are Paying Attention.

  • As states begin to ease quarantine restrictions, epidemiologists are warning that stopping the next wave of COVID-19 depends on taking extra precautions to protect those most vulnerable to COVID-19, elderly, and people of color.
  • Some states are beginning to target their outreach and contact tracing to black communities by distributing personal protective equipment, such as masks and hand sanitizers, door to door. Other states are providing additional resources such as contact tracing and testing led by trusted local community members. 


COVID-19 Update: 780 new cases of COVID-19 were reported on Wed. This brings the total number of cases in PA to 69,417 cases. There has been a total of 5,265 deaths since March 6.

State House Passes 5-month temporary budget 

  • The State House approved a temporary budget for five months in order to get a clearer picture of the financial strain Pennsylvania’s will face as a result of COVID-19.
  • Lawmakers would freeze funding for the next five months at current levels for all state programs – besides education – that will be flat-funded. Democrats voted no on the state budget as it did not include a way for the state to make up $300 million revenue lost from casinos and instead make local governments make up the difference.

** Tomorrow we will be having a more in-depth look at the budget and COVID-19 funding.

Outdoor Dining Will Be Allowed in Pennsylvania June 5 

  • Restaurants across the state including those in Philadelphia can start providing dine-in service in outdoor seating areas as long as they adhere to strict social distancing guidelines. 

Wolf says he would support moving primary mail-in ballot deadline

  • Gov. Wolf said that he is supportive of an effort in Montgomery County to extend the mail-in ballot deadline for the upcoming primary election to June 9th. Montgomery County’s emergency request was rejected by the County Court of Common Pleas.
  • However, Wolf said moving the date of the June 2 primary at the state level would require action from the Legislature and that he would not be able to issue an executive order.

Pa. GOP lawmaker says he tested positive for coronavirus

  • State Rep.  Andrew Lewis (R., Dauphin) has told media outlets that he tested positive for COVID-19 earlier this month, leading at least one of his House colleagues to self-quarantine. 
  • Democrats were not told about his positive case even though he had been in the capital without a mask leading up to his diagnostics. 


COVID-19 update: 237 new cases reported today.

No guarantee that Philly moves into yellow phase on June 5, city health commissioner says

  • Health Commissioner Thomas Farley said that Philadelphia may need to take a slower approach to move into the yellow phase than other counties in the state.
  • Farley said city officials will announce additional guidance this week on the city’s plans to move into the first phase of easing restrictions. They will include guidelines for businesses on how many people can be in a store at a time, guidance for clear barriers at retail locations, and requirements that customers wear masks.

City teachers wary of opening schools without contact tracing and a vaccine

  • Many Philadelphia teachers do not think that schools should open in Sept. until there are adequate plans for testing, treating, and isolating news cases of COVID-19.
  • Jerry Jordan, President of Philadelphia Federation of Teachers said in a statement that, “It is clear from reading the results that our membership is, rightfully, deeply concerned about the health and safety of their students, themselves, and their families.”
  • Teachers also cited why teaching with a mask would be difficult or impossible both from a learning and a health standpoint. 

Good News of the Day

Quarantined Needleworkers Around the World Unite to Create Record-Breaking String of 79,000 Flags

Via The Good News Network –

Needleworkers and craft enthusiasts from all over the world have used their time in quarantine to help break the world record for the longest “bunting”—a form of decorative stringed flags popular in the UK.

The record-breaking swath of bunting—which is depicted in these stunning aerial drone photos—is made of 79,001 flags stretching 9 miles long (14.27 kilometers). All of the knitted flags were submitted to the project by contributors from around the globe.

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