COVID-19 Updates May 20th, 2020

COVID-19 Updates May 20th, 2020

About Half Of U.S. Homes Lost Wages During Pandemic, Census Bureau Finds

  • The Census Bureau has reported that close to half of U.S. adults have lost employment income.
  • More than a fifth of adults report they have just slight or no confidence in their ability to make their next rent or mortgage payment on time.
  • In addition to a loss of income,  4 in 10 adults say they have waited to get medical care because of the pandemic.

14-Day Quarantine Complicates Tourist Rentals

  • Many states have begun to require that anyone from out of state who comes to visit must quarantine themselves for 14 days. 
  • All over the country, states have instituted the two-week quarantine for hotels, inns, golf courses and other amenities to stop people from states with high COVID-19 infection rates from bringing the virus with them.
  • Thirty states, from Maine to Montana, have instituted either a mandatory or recommended 14-day quarantine, including tourist destinations such as Arizona, Florida, Nevada and South Carolina. 

Upcoming Grants: 


  • supports nonprofits and social enterprises that are accelerating impact through innovative communications technologies. We focus our funding on platforms and strategies that make it easier, faster, and more affordable for organizations to connect with the people they serve.
  • is providing $2 million in grants of up to $150,000 each to support organizations that operate crisis lines for people impacted by COVID-19. If you work on a hotline or helpline that supports people in crisis, we encourage you to apply.


Gov. Wolf: State to Distribute $51 million in CARES Funding to Support Child Care Providers

  • Pennsylvania received $106 million in funding to support child care providers through the CARES Act that will be distributed to providers in two waves.
  • The first wave of $51 million will be distributed to all eligible, licensed child care providers and is designed to help providers prepare to reopen as counties move to the yellow phase. The remaining funding will be allocated following the completion of a study by the Department of Human Resources (DHS) Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL).
  • Funds will be distributed to eligible, certified child care providers through regional Early Learning Resource Centers (ELRCs)

There will be no poker when Pennsylvania casinos reopen

  • Poker will be banished when casinos begin to reopen in the coming months as the state’s coronavirus lockdown lifts.
  • The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board on Wednesday issued minimum protocols for casino operators to follow as they reopen, such as requiring face masks.

Pa. finally released data on coronavirus in long-term-care facilities. But it’s full of errors

  • The Health Department has released its list of long term care and nursing homes where residents and staff have tested positive for COVID-19, but many nursing homes say the information is wrong.
  • Issues such as: nursing homes having 65 confirmed cases of COVID-19, when they only have 16 residents recorded in the data. As a result, it’s nearly impossible to make any comparisons between facilities.
  • About 30 long-term-care facilities in Southeastern Pennsylvania were not listed in the published data. If they had no COVID-19 cases, the state did not include them. But some likely did not report as required.


Philly has the lowest minimum wage of any U.S. city, new study says

  • Pennsylvania’s largest metropolis has what is effectively the lowest minimum wage of any city in America, according to a study published Wednesday by the Pew Charitable Trusts.
  • Last year, Philadelphia voters overwhelmingly approved a ballot measure to encourage the city to lobby state lawmakers — or act on its own — to establish a $15-an-hour minimum wage. However, Pennsylvania state law prevents local jurisdictions from raising the minimum wage.

Philly schools chief says internet providers refuse to open their networks so students can access education

  • In the budget hearing today, Philadelphia Schools Superintendent said that he asked Comcast and other city internet providers to open their wifi networks so students could access the internet for free but, they all refused.
  • Currently, only 57% of students are participating in online learning in the city.
  • The district was able to purchase 2,500 mobile hot spots for children who are unable to access free internet in other ways, but those are glitchy and expensive — roughly $180 annually, about the same as the cost of the Chromebooks themselves — and not a long-term solution.

Urban League of Philadelphia offers funds to families at risk of foreclosure or eviction

  • As many as 100 families who are at risk of losing their homes because of financial hardship caused by the coronavirus pandemic are targeted to receive emergency, no-strings-attached assistance from the Urban League of Philadelphia.
  • The nonprofit has about $50,000 to give away to families in need. 

Good News of the Day

IKEA Released Instructions on How to Build the 6 Best Blanket Forts For Your Home Quarantine

Via The Good News Network:

After spending several months in self-isolation with their kids, some parents might be running out of ideas on how to keep their kids entertained for the remainder of quarantine.

Thankfully, IKEA has published a set of how-to guides for the perfect family activity: building blanket forts.

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