Bellevue Bulletin 08/09/2019

Bellevue Bulletin 08/09/2019

We’re moving into the final month of summer, but the fun’s not done. Welcome back to your weekly update from Bellevue!

First up this week: we all know that this summer’s weather has been a little on the unpredictable side, and there are a lot of supposed reasons for it floating around. But, what happens when the weather starts to impact your commute? During Wednesday’s intense thunderstorm, thousands of riders were stranded, and the storm triggered flash flooding that sent trees “careening into catenary wires”. Needless to say, buses were diverted, and Norristown’s High Speed Line and trolley tracks were plunged underwater, causing a quarter of SEPTA’s commuter trains to be delayed. Drexel engineering professor Franco Montalto says that climate change is causing more severe and more frequent storms – and transit agencies like SEPTA are struggling to keep up. According to Montalto, as trapped moisture is released by global warming, it filters into the atmosphere and reappears as intensified rainfall. So, riders should expect more service disruption, as SEPTA and other agencies work to adapt. Read more here about what SEPTA will do to mitigate the issue.

We know you’ve already heard what happened this past weekend in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, and you’ve also probably noticed that flags around the city and the rest of Pennsylvania have been flying at half-mast for the past week. Governor Wolf ordered that all flags across the state be flown at half-staff until sunset on Thursday, in honor of the victims of the acts of violence that plagued the towns. The attack in Dayton, Ohio marks the 251st mass shooting the country has seen this year – that’s more shootings than days that have passed in 2019 so far. In our city of Philadelphia, as of Sunday night, there have been 192 victims of homicide this year, with 22 shootings over one recent weekend alone. Read more of the article here to see what legislators on both sides of the aisle had to say.

Now for some better news: Philadelphia won big when the most recent round of funding from PA’s Redevelopment Assistance Captial Program rolled around, with 34 projects receiving a total of $55.7 million. The total amount that was sought by developers, museums, universities and other entities in Philadelphia was a staggering $500 million, with a total of 101 Philadelphia projects applying to receive RACP funding. Aramark Corporation received that most, with a full $8.5 million for relocating its headquarters from 1101 Market Street to 2400 Market Street, Philadelphia. The Merriam Theater received $4 million to restore seven floors of their building at 250 S. Broad Street, and a number of other projects that include everything from Navy Yard ship and submarine manufacturing areas to real estate investments. Check it all out here. 

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