Bellevue Bulletin 01/10/2020

Bellevue Bulletin 01/10/2020

By Kristina D’Amico

Welcome to the first weekly update of the new decade! Happy 2020! A lot is happening and will happen in this election year, so make sure to keep up with our emails and updates to get all the news!

First up in Pennsylvania news: the state is projected to lose a U.S. House seat in the coming years, based on a list compiled by Election Data Services from data released by the U.S. Census Bureau. PA isn’t the only state losing seats, though – California, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Rhode Island, and West Virginia are also expected to lose seats. What does this mean for Pennsylvania? Losing a U.S. House seat could diminish the state’s influence in national politics and could potentially lead to less money for federally funded projects, and services like roads and health care facilities, according to Penn-Capital Star.

In Philadelphia School District news, the nominations are now open for the next Board of Education. It appears likely some current members will return, but the education nominating panel has convened and will be taking nominations online or by mail until January 23rd. The panel will send the mayor 27 candidates by February 18th, before the final nine are chosen. The process is expected to go smoothly, but there will be an extra step – under a charter change approved by voters, City Council will now have the power to veto the mayor’s choices.

Last year, Philadelphia sent half its recycling to incinerators while it struck a deal with Waste Management that took effect last June, and now that the deal is in effect, taxpayers will find themselves coughing up more to handle the recycling waste in the city. The city is now paying about $106 a ton to dispose of the city’s recycling, which is up from $78 a ton this time last year. This is even more of a jump from the $5 a ton cost two years prior. In an article by the Inquirer, they offer a few ways that citizens can help to make the process of recycling in the city go even smoother!

Finally, be sure to navigate over to our podcast page and check out the new interviews we have up! We hope you’ll stay listening in the new year! Be sure to follow us on Twitter @PhillyAdvocates for even more updates. See you next week!


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