Bellevue Bulletin 01/31/2020

Bellevue Bulletin 01/31/2020

By Kristina D’Amico

Philadelphia is changing its nickname! The city is celebrating its women with a proposal to adopt a new nickname, from The City of Brotherly Love to The City of Sisterly Love. The resolution comes to the city as the United States celebrates the 100-year anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote. However, it’s worth noting to say that the resolution does state that while the City of Philly celebrates 100 years of women’s suffrage, it doesn’t forget that only 55 years have passed since women of color have been allowed to vote. Councilwoman Katherine Gilmore Richardson introduced the resolution on Thursday. She is the youngest woman ever elected to a seat on Philadelphia City Council. All seven female members of Council co-sponsored the resolution, which will last through 2020, according to the Philadelphia Business Journal.

The city’s schools had a big week, while in the midst of the district’s asbestos crisis continues. The school board took a step this week in voting to spend at least $14 million to address the concerns over the next few years. The Board authorized the payment of $11.2 million for three firms for “environmental oversight and design” over three years, and up to $3 million to five firms for emergency asbestos abatement jobs that are needed. The district will spend $20 million over three years for a management firm to oversee the district’s coming $500 million capital program, which will include school construction and repairs citywide. (Via the Inquirer)

Also in Philadelphia School District news, the very same Board of Education meeting that voted to address the asbestos crisis was visited by mental health advocates rallying outside. The nonprofit organizations that organized the rally – Youth United for Change and the National Women’s Law Center – rallied to express their frustration with the lack of action by the school district in issues of mental health. They said that the district committed verbally to a “multiplatform rollout of a list of existing mental health resources for students” back in June. The organizers said that after reaching out to the School District multiple times over the summer about the status of rollout materials, they received no response. Printed materials were handed out, which included more extensive mental health recommendations from the students. Read more about it here.

In notable City Council news this week, besides Councilmember Gilmore Richardson’s resolution, Councilmember David Oh introduced a privileged resolution recognizing and honoring the 2019 Winners of PHLLive.



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