Bellevue Bulletin 02/28/2020

Bellevue Bulletin 02/28/2020

That’s By Kristina D’Amico

Welcome back to another weekly update with Bellevue! The playbook is light this week – here’s what went down.

The biggest news this week is that after a Judge’s ruling clearing the way for the country’s first supervised injection site, Philadelphia’s city council scrambled to oppose the opening of the facility which was set for next week, in South Philadelphia. Prior to the judge’s ruling, Council President Clarke had been in discussion about litigation that would stop Safehouse, the nonprofit operator, from opening any facilities. This proved to be ultimately unnecessary, as Thursday evening, the owner of the building where the site would have opened pulled out of the plan. To understand a little bit more about the convoluted plan, click here and read this article by the Inquirer.

As Super Tuesday draws closer, Councilmember Helen Gym endorsed Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders for president, which makes her the first prominent elected democrat in the city to officially back the party’s front-runner. (Via The Inquirer) Councilmember Gym said Tuesday that the senator’s grassroots organizing and positions on medicare and debt-free college led her to put forth an endorsement. “Bernie Sanders doesn’t just talk about movements for change, he leads them,” Gym told the Inquirer.  Gym joins state representative Sara Inamorato in endorsing Sanders, while Mayor Kenney and DA Larry Krasner are backing Elizabeth Warren.

There’s a new episode of the PA Politics Podcast ready for you to check out! I sat down with Philadelphia’s Register of Wills, Tracey Gordon, to talk about her first few months in office and what she’s learned. Tracey told me that she’s thrilled to have an awesome team behind her, and talked about the importance of Philadelphian’s creating a will to pass on generational wealth smoothly. Did you know that the Philadelphia Register of Wills office has the wills of Harriet Tubman, John Kelly, and tons of other historic figures? Have a listen to the podcast and learn about all the cool things the office is doing to preserve these pieces of Philadelphia history.

In City Council this week, in addition to Councilmember Oh’s resolution condemning the lack of transparency and community participation in the implementation of a supervised heroin injection site, Councilmember Gym introduced a resolution authorizing the Committee on Children and Youth to hold hearings on the impact of sonic devices on young people on public property. She also introduced a resolution authorizing the committee to conduct hearings regarding the City’s investment in expanding developmentally appropriate, trauma-informed, and evidence-based programming for youth.

That’s all for this week! Be sure to follow us on Twitter @PhillyAdvocates for more, and to check out our podcast!



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