Bellevue Bulletin 02/08/2019: State of the Union sparks differing responses

Bellevue Bulletin 02/08/2019: State of the Union sparks differing responses

Hey everybody, happy Friday!

We know you’ve been hearing a lot about the President’s State of the Union address, so we’ll be quick in recapping it. The annual speech was delayed due to the lengthy government shutdown but the President did eventually appear in front of Congress to give his notes, with both Vice President Pence and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sat behind him. Female Democrats wore all white in honor of the suffragette movement, which celebrated 100 years of women having the vote! Check out this compilation of what PA lawmakers had to say about the speech in this article by Penn Live. 

In Philadelphia, the fight to open a supervised opioid injection site has hit a roadblock. A US attorney in Pennsylvania is suing the private nonprofit corporation, Safehouse, in an effort to delay the opening of any sites. This follows criticism from PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro, who has spoken out against safe-injection sites and says, “There is no safe way to inject heroin, fentanyl, and carfentanyl”. It’s not clear yet for how long, if at all, the case will delay the potential creation of a safe-injection site. 

In Philadelphia City Council, councilmember Henon had his first day back after being indicted last week. If you’ve been sticking with us, you already know about the bill proposed in Council that would have regulated pharmaceutical sales representatives in the city. Introduced last fall by Councilman Greenlee and Councilwoman Bass, the bill hung in limbo for a while before finally being voted down this Thursday. The proposal would have required drug company sales reps to be registered with the city and would have banned giving gifts to health care providers and their office staff. At the moment, there’s no telling if another bill of similar nature will come up again.

Also this week in Council, Councilwoman Reynolds-Brown put forth a resolution recognizing the City Treasurer’s Office under the leadership of City Treasurer Rasheia Johnson and the Reconciliation Task Force for the successful reconciliation of the city’s bank accounts. Among the other resolutions introduced called for Council to hold hearings on the potential for abuse in the guardianship appointment process and the financial burdens that such abuse could cause; a resolution calling for Council Special Committee hearings to examine adequate solutions in addressing the specific needs of incarcerated women. Councilwoman Gym put forth a resolution declaring February 2-11, 2019 as “National Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action”, in the city. Councilman Oh put forth a resolution declaring that the 3rd week of March shall be Martial Arts week in the City of Philadelphia.

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