Bellevue Bulletin 03/01/2019: Legislations Galore

Bellevue Bulletin 03/01/2019: Legislations Galore

Welcome back to your weekly update! Here’s all the news you need to know:

In Philadelphia, legislation has been passed that makes Philly the first major U.S. city to force shops to take cash. Mayor Kenney signed the law on Thursday banning cashless stores, with the exception of a few businesses. The ordinance prohibits most retail locations from refusing to take cash or charging cash-customers a higher price. The law goes into effect on July 1st, and stores that fail to comply could face fines as high as $2,000. For more information on the law, check here.

Litterers and dumpers, beware: Philly has enacted a new law enforcement tool – cameras to catch trash dumpers. 15 cameras have reportedly been installed, and this number will apparently increase to fifty by the spring, and 100 by the end of the year throughout parts of the city. The city reportedly spends millions annually cleaning up illegally dumped trash, everything from food waste to couches and construction debris. Though it’s not the first city to implement cameras in well-known dumping sites, officials hope it will help the city cut back on unnecessary cost and catch perpetrators.

For the first time in two decades, the U.S. House has passed a bill to expand background checks regarding firearms purchases across the country. This signals not only a change in gun-control politics but also a power shift on Capitol Hill, with Democrats now in a position to push legislation through that previously would not have had a hearing in the GOP controlled climate. Despite the win in the House, the Senate could likely still block the bill. Advocates of the bill and of stricter gun laws still view the passage as a “major step after two decades of legislative blockades”.

In Philadelphia Council this week, Councilmember Curtis Jones kicked off the day with a presentation celebrating Philadelphia’s Living Legends: John Myers Brown, Bill Jolly, Stanley Clarke, and Solomon Jones – remarkable figures in the areas of dance, music, literature, and journalism – for the final day of Black History Month. Other notable news: Councilmember Domb put forth a resolution calling on the Governor and PA Legislature to recognize the authority and efforts of Pittsburgh City Councilmembers to protect citizens from gun violence through common-sense gun legislation following the Tree of Life Synagogue massacre.

Last but not least, we’re saying goodbye and good luck to our very own Kyle Darby, as he goes on to be a Government Relations Specialist with the REFORM Alliance. Thank you, Kyle!

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