Bellevue Bulletin 03/08/2019: 2020 Budget Proposal

Bellevue Bulletin 03/08/2019: 2020 Budget Proposal

Happy International Women’s Day! (And Happy Friday!) Here’s your update for this week!

The biggest news these past few days is Mayor Jim Kenney’s 2020 budget proposal, in which Kenney proposed a nearly $5-billion budget to be approved by City Council. We’re only two months away from city elections, and Kenney’s address presented a five-year vision for the city that could give it new schools, update libraries, and hopefully cleaner streets. The proposal adds significant investments to education, violence prevention, road repairs, and measures to battle the opioid addiction.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • $1.2 billion investment into the Philadelphia School District
  • Creating five new community schools for neighborhoods that require special care and resources
  • Nearly $200 million for reconstruction and resurfacing of streets
  • Nearly $12 million to go towards street sweeping program
  • Traffic safety improvements, ADA ramp reconstruction, traffic control and signal modernization, restoring historic streets, Roosevelt Boulevard improvements and expanding bike lanes
  • Creating “Neighborhood Slow Zones”, where speed limits will be posted at 20 mph and adding speed cushions
  • $48 million in continued funding for the city’s Rebuild program, which includes repairs for everything from small projects like fixing leaking roofs and replacing boilers to multi-million dollar renovations to community facilities and libraries
  • Increased support for the Free Library to keep all libraries open six days a week
  • 50 new police officers and more body-worn cameras
  • 7 currently-shuttered fire companies to reopen citywide
  • $30 million to Philadelphia’s Roadmap for Safer Communities, including funds for intervention programs, enhanced enforcement for vacant lots and other property violations in high-risk neighborhoods and nearly $12 million in funding for Neighborhood Resource Centers
  • $36 million to battle the opioid crisis through Philadelphia Resilience Project, the citywide emergency response focused on Kensington and surrounding neighborhoods

For more information and a further breakdown, visit NBC Philadelphia.

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