Bellevue Bulletin 04/12/2019: Ahead of Primary, Philly Rolls out New IDs

Bellevue Bulletin 04/12/2019: Ahead of Primary, Philly Rolls out New IDs

Welcome back to your weekly update with Bellevue! Here’s your news for this week:

All the way down in Washington, the U.S House passed legislation from Representative Mike Doyle that seeks to restore the Obama-era net neutrality laws, in an attempt to keep internet service providers from controlling web traffic. The bill, called the “Save the Internet Act”, was praised widely by other democratic reps who support increased internet access, not less. The bill passed 232-190, and one Republican, Rep Bill Posey, broke with party lines to support the bill. Despite passing in the House, the bill has a long road ahead and many speculate that it will be dead upon arrival, or that President Trump would veto the bill if it were to reach his desk. Still, supporters of the bill hold out hope.

In Philadelphia news, the city has finally begun to roll out its new municipal identification cards! The new shiny piece of plastic, called the PHL City ID card, is an option for residents of Philadelphia who have had trouble obtaining a state-issued ID, for reasons such as citizenship status, poverty, or other circumstance. The cards will be able to be used to sign into school and city buildings; access recreation centers, city programs, and city services; as well as provide ID to law enforcement officials within city limits. Currently, banks within the city have said that they will also accept the cards as a secondary form of ID. The ID also doubles as a Free Library card! Check here for a list of the places offering discounted services and tickets with your card.

We’re now six weeks away from the primary election in Philadelphia, and candidates are scrambling for cash before the election begins. Those running for city offices had to file their finance reports on Tuesday and release the records to the public. Mayor Jim Kenney is running with more than 10 times the amount of cash as his challengers, a whopping $655,692 – something that surprised many. Other top earners are the unendorsed democratic opponent Sheriff Jewell Williams, with $36,385; State Senator Anthony Hardy Williams with $49,078 in the bank; and former City Controller Alan Butkovitz, who has a reported $50,972 in the bank. Click here for more information on who’s in the race, including District candidates, and where all the money is!

In Philadelphia City Council this week, Councilmember Gym had a resolution calling for Philadelphia Council to explore the creation of a Philadelphia Schools “community connector” position to further enhance connections between families, caregivers, and school communities. Councilmember Gym also had a resolution calling for Council to hold hearing evaluating the needs and identifying priorities for services to strengthen Philadelphia’s schools. Councilmember Sanchez leads a presentation honoring the Kid All PCA for and Philadelphia DHS for their collaborate commitment of victims of child sexual abuse in the city and declared April 2019 to be Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month.

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