Bellevue Bulletin 07/18/2019: Heat Waves, Eagles, and Rebuild

Bellevue Bulletin 07/18/2019: Heat Waves, Eagles, and Rebuild

Happy Friday and welcome back to your weekly update by Bellevue!

It’s been a rainy summer, and now it’s getting even hotter. Philadelphia has declared a heat emergency that began on Wednesday, and will go through the rest of the week. The National Weather Service has predicted a heat index value as high as 110 degrees. According to WHYY, between the years 1971 and 2000, Philly has only had, on average, 4 days of a heat index over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The Union of Concerned Scientists have published a report about the rising high temperatures in the United States, predicting that Philadelphia will experience an average of 29 days with a heat index over 100 degrees between 2036 and 2065. Get those air conditioners cranking! If you’d like to the full report from the Union, click here.

First up on the docket for Philadelphia news involves a few of our favorite Super Bowl Champs – Malcolm Jenkins and former teammates Chris Long and Torrey Smith sat down in front of lawmakers on PA’s Capitol Hill for a cause that’s important to them: The Clean Slate Act. Putting public pressure on lawmakers to pass the bill in the House ultimately succeeded, and a year and a half later the bill was passed. In June of 2019, the bill went into full effect. The Clean Slate Act makes citizens with nonviolent misdemeanors and simple assault convictions eligible for an expunged record. Another win for the Birds!

Next up for Philadelphia is Mayor Kenney’s city park renovation project, which is finally falling into place this week as the city is set to unveil apprenticeship programs aimed at providing union jobs. This is a key piece of Kenney’s Rebuild project, and will hopefully benefit the communities where the work is being done. 21 unions and City Council have signed a memorandum of understanding, stating that unions will be “required to provide opportunities on Rebuild Projects to participants and graduates of pre-apprenticeship programs”. Women, minorities, and graduates of pre-existing programs are to be given preference. Work has begun at 36 of the 64 sights slated for the project.

Council is out of session for the summer!

That’s all for this week. Be sure to follow us @PhillyAdvocates for more.

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