Bellevue Bulletin 10/02/2020

Bellevue Bulletin 10/02/2020


Pa. Dem lawmakers propose measure to punish faithless electoral college voters

  • Two Democratic state lawmakers are seeking to punish any Pennsylvania electoral college member who votes contrary to the popular vote in the presidential election.
  • It’s not only a Pennsylvania problem – ten electoral college members from Colorado and Washington were found to have done just that, voting for third party candidates instead of the Democratic nominee. 
  • Pennsylvania lawmakers Boyle and Representative Malcom Kenyatta’s measures would punish these faithless electors by invalidating their vote, removing them from the delegation, and fining them $1,000. 


  • As time runs thin for Congress to find a deal on a coronavirus relief package, restaurants and live-music venues have still scored a small victory. 
  • House Democrats recently introduced the Independent Restaurant Association that would set up a $120 billion bailout fund for restaurants. 
  • But, there was significant criticism of the bill – the IFA stated that “funds for corporately-owned, high-end restaurants while barring independently-owned franchise restaurants from the same relief.”


Pa. election machine warehouse burglarized; laptop, USB drives stolen

  • On Tuesday night, a company that supplies voting machines to Philadelphia and the surrounding area was broken into. 
  • An employee’s laptop and multiple USB drives were stolen as a result. 
  • Officials are reassuring the public that there is little to no risk that either of the stolen items will led to any voter fraud or manipulations. 

PIAA issues guidance to schools based on latest court ruling on gathering limitations

  • The Third Circuit Court of Appeals and Governor Tom Wolf have offered up new gathering limitations including upping restaurant capacity to 50%, but the PIAA is telling member schools to consult their solicitors for information regarding fans at fall sporting events. 
  • The PIAA had originally told schools that they could determine their own crowd sizes, but now are recommending that districts get in touch with their solicitors and schools boards to decide the best course of action.

Pa. coronavirus recovery: Health Secretary lays out plan for vaccine distribution

  • Pennsylvania Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine held a press conference on Wednesday to discuss the importance of health care access.
  • She also discussed that the health department does have concerns about an increase in cases in the coming months, as it gets colder and people spend more time in doors – as well as flu season coinciding with the pandemic. 
  • Secretary Levine has said that the health department is developing plans for the distribution of the vaccine, which will come in three phases: first to those in need, like healthcare workers, and then gradually more widespread.


Philly is allowing 50% capacity for indoor dining starting this evening!

A few USPS plants are reinstalling mail sorting machines. But in Philly, more changes that could cause delays are happening.

  • USPS plants in South Jersey and Delaware have started to reinstall some of the mail sorting machines that had been removed a while back, but in Philadelphia, none of the machines have been replaced.
  • Local union leaders and employees say that trucks are still being forced to leave on time with or without the mail and as a result, delivery is still being delayed. 

Philly rolls out its first ‘one-stop shop’ voting locations

  • Seven of Philadelphia’s satellite voting locations opened on Tuesday morning, where eligible city residents can register to vote, request and receive mail-in ballots in person, vote, and then return the ballot – all at once. 
  • According to one voter, the process took only about twenty minutes. 

1,900 Philly-area airline workers off the job as federal stimulus stalls

  • American Airlines and United Airlines are laying off a total of 32,000 workers, and 1,900 of those people are in the Philadelphia area. 
  • The airline industry received $25 billion in aid from the Payroll Support Program (PSP) that was included in the federal CARES Act, with the condition that there would be no job cuts before Oct 1. 
  • Since Congress still has not passed another relief bill, airlines were forced to begin laying off their workers. 

Happy Fall!

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