Bellevue Bulletin 10/09/2020

Bellevue Bulletin 10/09/2020

Exciting Bellevue News

Our very own President and CEO, Mustafa Rashed, has been appointed by Governor Tom Wolf as a member of the Pennsylvania Early Learning Investment Commission. 

The Pennsylvania Early Learning Investment Commission is a partnership of business leaders dedicated to ensuring quality education for Pennsylvania’s children by “fostering public and private sector investment in educationally, economically, and scientifically sound early learning programs.” 

Congratulations, Mustafa! 


Hard-hit small businesses face long winter without lifeline

  • Nearly 60% of small businesses that closed during the coronavirus outbreak have not reopened. 
  • The lack of any new federal aid is threatening to trigger layoffs and closures that are projected to drag on the economy, and negotiations between Democratic leaders and the White House continue to be unsuccessful. 
  • Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said that negotiations are “unlikely to succeed before the election”. 
  • Small businesses employ nearly half of the private sector workforce, and surveys show that “about half of small businesses that took government-backed Paycheck Protection Program loans expect to need more financial support over the next year”. 

Latest on PPP loan forgiveness rules and FAQ guidance from SBA Mid-Atlantic head

  • As the pace of lending slows on PPP loans, many borrowers are becoming concerned about unclear forgiveness guidelines, which haven’t come from the SBA yet. 
  • The SBA said on Monday that the reason for the slowdown in loan approvals has to do with the initial demand from both small businesses and eligible non-profits has already been met, and cited the need to eliminate duplicate applications. 
  • Recent guidance from the SBA has made it clear that borrowers must attest that the loans are necessary to business survival – or else legal action may follow, if a business is found to not need them. 

50,000 Ohio Voters To Receive New Absentee Ballots After Error Found

  • Franklin County in Ohio determined that about 50,000 voters received incorrect ballots this week – which is 21% of the ballots that were mailed out in the county. 
  • Ohio residents reported that their envelopes and ballots contained the wrong information, including incorrect precincts or congressional race.
  • New York City recently had to mail new absentee ballots to over 100,000 voters as well, after a printing error. 
  • Remember to check your ballots! 


Pennsylvania Reports Most Daily Virus Infections Since April

  • The Department of Health has reported that another 1,376 people tested positive for COVID-19, the second consecutive day in new rising infection rates above 1,300. 
  • The average daily number of new confirmed cases is up by more than 36% over the past two weeks. 

Utilities can soon cut off nonpaying customers, Pa. says, but the poorest customers are protected

  • On November 9th, Pennsylvania utility companies will be allowed to resume shutoffs of nonpaying customers after a moratorium was lifted on Thursday. 
  • The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission voted to permit service terminations, but put safeguards in place for families and small businesses that are struggling financially because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • The PUC’s order will prohibit utilities from shutting off “protected customers” whose income is no more than triple the Federal Poverty Guidelines – protected customers must instead apply for available assistance programs and request a payment arrangement from the utility company. 

PA Voter Registration Hits All Time High, Mail-In Ballot Requests Exceed Primary Totals

  • According to election officials in PA, requests for mail-in ballots ahead of the general election have already exceeded total mail-in voting in the primary. 
  • As of Wednesday, 9,908,777 people are registered to vote in Pennsylvania. 


Philadelphia sues Pennsylvania over inability to enact city-specific gun laws

  • Mayor Jim Kenney and other city leaders announced a lawsuit against Pennsylvania on Wednesday, in an effort to gain the right to enact its own gun-control ordinances. 
  • Preemption is a state law that prohibits cities from creating and enforcing their own local gun laws, something that the litigation is challenging. 

Philly City Council hears from protesters hit by tear gas and rubber bullets. Now it will consider banning those tactics.

  • Councilmember Helen Gym held a hearing on Wednesday with residents’ experiences with law enforcement’s use of tear gas, rubber bullets, and pepper spray. 
  • Gym announced at the end of the hearing that she plans to introduce legislation to permanently ban the use of tear gas, rubber bullets, and other munitions against protesters. 
  • Police Commissioner Outlaw has said that a police department review of use-of-force policies is currently underway. 

Now for something a little lighter!

Meet Toad, the French Bulldog Who’s Dressing Up in Halloween Costumes Every Day in October

Via the Good News Network – Meet the adorable French bulldog dressing up as a different famous character every day in October for a Halloween series.

Toad has already appeared as Sebastian from “The Little Mermaid,” Elton John, MC Hammer, Napoleon Dynamite, and Dwight Shrute from “The Office.”

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