Bellevue Bulletin, 10/16/2020

Bellevue Bulletin, 10/16/2020


Supreme Court allows Trump administration to end census count

  • The Supreme Court has cleared the White House to proceed with its plan to end enumeration for the census early. 
  • Earlier this year, following the COVID outbreak the Trump administration had initially said they required an extension on the census gathering. 
  • Alternatively, they have now decided to end enumeration early in order to produce census data for apportionment of congressional districts for the next decade by the end of the year. 

Federal deficit triples to $3.1T, Treasury data shows

  • In an address on Friday, the Treasury Department said that the federal deficit tripled to a record $3.1 trillion in 2020. 
  • Government spending exceeded more than $6.5 trillion in the fiscal year that ended on September 30th, “due in no small part to coronavirus relief measures”, reported Politico.


Pa. Republicans drop effort to create ‘election integrity’ panel with subpoena power

  • PA Republicans revealed a plan this week to create an “election integrity” panel with subpoena power. 
  • The resolution would have created a committee of five House lawmakers – three Republicans and two Democrats – to investigate and review the November 3rd election. 
  • But, In an email to House Republicans on Friday, Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff (R., Centre) said he had removed the controversial resolution from the voting calendar “for the remainder of this legislative session” after talking with members.

To jumpstart relief program, Wolf gives landlords more flexibility to collect unpaid rent

  • In an effort to give landlords some relief after months of being unable to collect rent, Governor Tom Wolf is giving landlords the flexibility to collect outstanding balances in the hopes that more would agree to participate in the relief program. 
  • Instead of being required to forgive rent, landlords can collect state relief money instead, a monthly maximum of up to $750 per tenant.


You Officially Have One More Week to Register to Vote

  • The voter registration deadline for the 2020 presidential election is now October 19th.

Philadelphia’s 2020 ballot questions, explained

  • Not sure how to interpret those ballot questions? Click here for a more detailed explanation as to what you’re voting on. 
  • Philadelphia voters will weigh in on four ballot questions in November, on issues related to police reform, a potential new victims’ advocate office, and borrowing money. 

Pa. has rejected 372,000 ballot applications — most of them duplicates — bewildering voters and straining officials

  • Pennsylvania, a key battleground state in the upcoming election, has rejected 372,000 requests for mail in ballots. 
  • Over 90% of those applications, however, were denied as duplicates. During the primary, some voters were able to check a box to be sent a ballot for the general election as well, and did not realize. 
  • The state’s ballot-tracking website has not been entirely accurate either, adding to a myriad of confusion across the state that has made mail-in voting unclear. 
  • County offices have begun hiring temporary staff and work 7 days a week to cope with the overwhelming number of ballots, and the surrounding confusion. 

Look at this!

America’s Largest Solar-Panel Maker Leads the World in Panel Recycling–Recovering 95% of Materials

Via the Good News Network – First solar, America’s largest solar manufacturer and an industry leader in PV solar power who maintain stations all over the world, from Australia to Namibia, is leading the way towards a sustainable revolution in solar panel recycling.

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