Bellevue Bulletin, 10/04/19

Bellevue Bulletin, 10/04/19

Welcome back to your weekly update from Bellevue!

First up in Philadelphia this week, the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office has made the statement that they have dramatically reduced the pursuit of retail theft cases, and it’s true – this year the office has charged 268 people for that offense, down from more than 1,900 through the same date five years ago. At a news conference Thursday, DA Krasner revealed his office’s new website, where there are stats and a plethora of information that the “reform-oriented” prosecutor hopes will “offer insight into the criminal justice system and his efforts to change it”. Krasner hopes it will allow citizens to connect with and evaluate the office’s work, rooted in data. For more about the website, look here.

If you’ve been following our blog, we’ve told you about City Council’s bill aimed at further accommodating transgender and gender-nonconforming kids. This week, Council unanimously passed the bill that would the School District of Philadelphia’s relatively progressive guidelines a uniform, citywide nondiscrimination policy that will extend to rec centers and all other after school programs. The bill is expected to take effect in June. To read more about the bill, read here. 

Now for some news from our clients! Our friends at Mighty Writers, an after-school program in various areas of the city, held a talk with Philadelphia city officials and state lawmakers, including area Reps. Donna Bullock and Movita Johnson-Harrell. The students created and presented an original Anti-Violence booklet containing their own writings about the effect that violence has had on them and their communities. They took the change to ask the lawmakers who attended about the moves they are making in an effort to curb gun violence in Philadelphia, which has risen to a seven-year high. WHYY covered Mighty Writers’ impactful event and said that “Some of the students held back tears detailing their experiences with gun violence and their perceived powerlessness to deal with the threatening, multifaceted problem at such a young age”. We’re glad to be apart of such a positive statement made by Philadelphia’s youth.

City Council opened their weekly stated meeting with Councilmember Greenlee leading a presentation declaring October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month, followed by Councilmember Jannie Blackwell presenting a resolution that proclaims October 18th, 2019 as Kulu Mele Dance Day in Philadelphia, in honor of the nation’s first African Dance and Drum Ensemble on the occasion of its 50th Anniversary. Councilmember Helen Gym introduced during the session a resolution honoring the 135th anniversary of the Daily Penn, the award-winning student newspaper of Penn University, and the retirement of its general manager, Eric Jacobs.

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