Bellevue Bulletin, 11/06/2020

Bellevue Bulletin, 11/06/2020

It’s been a turbulent week in American politics, and we know that the unease and uncertainty will likely continue for some time. So, we’ve rounded up some stories about what happened this week aside from the election.

Here are some updates from the past week that include ballot questions, COVID-19 updates, and the “most Philly things to happen on Election Day”.

Abortion, marijuana, Puerto Rico statehood: Voters consider a wide range of issues in ballot questions

  • While most races haven’t been called as far candidates, some marijuana-related ballot measures are poised to be approved. 
  • Arizona and New Jersey voters legalized recreational marijuana, while South Dakota approved legalization for both recreational and medical use – the first state to approve both at the same time. 
  • Philadelphia voted to establish a new police oversight commission and amend the City Charter to ban illegal stop-and frisk. Voters also supported ballot measures that will establish a victims’ advocate office, and for the city to borrow $134 million for capital projects. 
  • Colorado rejected the State’s proposed 22-week abortion ban, with over 60% of the state voting against the measure. 
  • Mississippi approved a new state flag, after the previous state flag featuring the Confederate Battle Cross was retired in June. The new flag will have an image of the state’s flower, a magnolia, and the phrase “In God We Trust”. 
  • Florida voters approved a ballot initiative to raise the minimum wage to $15 over the next six years. 

Covid-19 hospitalizations soar, causing fears that death rates will climb soon

  • In the midst of the election, coronavirus cases have begun climbing – along with hospitalizations. 
  • Philadelphia has had it’s worst day since the start of the pandemic in March, and the CDC is projecting that another 31,000 people could die from coronavirus over the next two and a half weeks. 
  • Other states that have reported a record-high day of hospitalizations include midwest and western states, like Tennessee, West Virginia, Montana and New Mexico, as well as Alaska. 

Philly schools won’t reopen to teachers Monday as planned

  • Teachers will not be returning to schools until November 16th, after the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers president Jerry Jordan told Superintendent Hite that he did not want the district’s pre-K through second-grade students back in buildings due to a COVID-19 surge. 
  • Teachers were due to return Monday in advance of a November 30th return date for up to 32,000 students. 
  • Hite stressed that the delay was not just because of COVID, but because of logistics – some parents are opting not to send their children back to classrooms, thus not all faculty will need to return. 

The 7 most Philly things that happened in Philadelphia on Election Day 2020

A number of hilarious and truly Philly things happened across the city on election day. Here are the highlights.

Music and dance performers brought ‘Joy to the Polls’
“A music, arts and voter engagement campaign called Joy to the Polls first touched down in Philly a couple weeks ago, cha cha sliding through town during early voting.”

Farm animals got out the ‘gote’ in South Philly

“Did you know interacting with goats can be therapeutic? Some voters in South Philly probably found out yesterday when the Philly Goat Project visited the polls. Perfect for this anxiety-inducing election and subsequent stretch for final results.”

Fletcher Street urban cowboys GOTV in West Philly

“Four urban cowboys clip-clopped down 52nd Street for a last-minute GOTV effort. The horses and riders drew a crowd at 52nd and Locust, in front of artist Kehinde Wiley’s Rumors of War sculpture. Fletcher Street Urban Riding Club president Ellis Ferrell spoke to those gathered about the importance of voting.”

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