Bellevue Bulletin 11/01/2019

Bellevue Bulletin 11/01/2019

Happy Friday and Happy November! Welcome back to your weekly update with Bellevue.

First up in big news this week: Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner has put out an official endorsement for Elizabeth Warren, announcing his support on Wednesday morning for the Massachusetts Senator. He said, “Elizabeth Warren is principled, she is for the people, and she is unrelenting…[she] is exactly what we need in the White House right now.” Krasner’s announcement came via video. According to Politics PA, this is Warren’s second high profile endorsement from Philadelphia. Last Wednesday, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney announced his support for Warren’s presidential bid. Most Democratic elected officials in the state to endorse so far support former Vice President Joe Biden, including Philadelphia Congressmen Brendan Boyle and Dwight Evans.

In other state news, Governor Tom Wolf has signed into law a bill that will change how the state of Pennsylvania will vote by April of 2020. The legislation makes the most significant changes to the commonwealth’s elections code in 80 years and expands ballot access for people with disabilities, the elderly, and those with unpredictable work schedules. To read exactly how it has all changed, click here.

In Philadelphia City Council yesterday, a package of bills that will transform the way the city sells public land was passed unanimously. The cluster of bills, introduced in June by Councilmember Sanchez on behalf of Council President Clarke, is designed to streamline the land sale process for the sale of thousands of unused city-owned properties. The legislation establishes a centralized agency and increases the number of properties sold to minority or woman-owned companies, as well as aiming to lessen the frequency of land-flipping. A specific timeline for land sales will be laid out by the central agency, and there will be new scoring criteria to evaluate land deals. Council President Clarke and Mayor Kenney collaborated on the package of bills so we can expect the legislation to be finalized fairly soon.

In addition to the above legislation, Council also unanimously passed the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, the strongest legislation across the country protecting domestic workers in Philadelphia!

That’s all for this now, everyone. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @PhillyAdvocates for more updates! See you next week!





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