Bellevue Bulletin 11/08/2019

Bellevue Bulletin 11/08/2019

By Kristina D’Amico 

Welcome back to your weekly update with Bellevue Strategies! Lots of exciting things happened this week, including an election; the first third-party candidate to win in over 100 years; and a new Podcast from Bellevue!

First up, we have a summary of Tuesday’s election all set for you to check out. Find it here!

The biggest news this week following the election was that Kendra Brooks, of the Working Families Party, made history by becoming the first independent candidate to win a seat on City Council in modern city history. Kendra decided to run for City Council because, after years of reacting to policies, she believes that people like her should be in the room, making policies that work for low-income, black and brown people. Her agenda focuses on affordable and accessible housing for all, healthy funded schools in every zip code, protecting the dignity and respect for all work, and climate change in Philadelphia. (By Aleah Melise) Find more information about her here, in a write-up done by Bellevue’s Aleah Melise.

Another honorable mention to history-maker Tracey Gordon, who has become Philadelphia first African-American female to win for register of wills, unseating longtime Democratic incumbent Ronald Donatucci!

We’ve started a podcast! Our new PA Politics Podcast is a bi-weekly podcast where we will sit down with the state’s biggest political actors and talk policy and plans, as well as what’s going on politically in our state. For our very first episode this week, I sat down with our CEO, Mustafa Rashed, and we talked about how he got his start in the profession, his process, issues he’s passionate about, and where he might take Muhammad Ali to dinner. Check it out on our website, Apple Music, Google Play, and Soundcloud!

Following his win on Tuesday, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney announced his plans for the transfer of more the $5 million to fund a pair of initiatives aimed at dealing with gun violence and the areas of the city most impacted by it. City Council and Council President Clarke stand behind Kenney in his plan. The initiatives, called Group Violence Intervention and Rapid Response Outreach, are similar to successful programs in other cities, such as Oakland and New Orleans. The city hopes that the introduction of the two initiatives will reduce gun violence and provide more support to communities in the immediate aftermath of gun violence situations.

There was no stated meeting in Council this week, but there was definitely excitement. Remember to check out our election recap to learn about the four new faces who will be entering the Chamber!

See you next week, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @PhillyAdvocates!

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