Bellevue Bulletin 12/20/19

Bellevue Bulletin 12/20/19

By Kristina D’Amico

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s been a busy week in national and state politics this week as we approach the holidays. Read on to hear about it!

First up in national news is what you’ve likely already seen: President Donald Trump has been impeached. However, the day after votes were cast to impeach the President, Speaker Nancy Pelosi put a halt on the proceedings and decided not to send the charges immediately to the Republican-led Senate. Is it a strategy to keep the charges in limbo in the coming election year? We’ll see. In the meantime, see how your Pennsylvania lawmakers voted on the impeachment. 

In Philadelphia news, another public school building has been closed after the environmental staff from the Philadelphia School District discovered damaged asbestos in the pipe insulation at the Franklin Learning Center on North 15th Street. The school will be closed to students and staff through January 2nd. FLC is the fourth school just this year to shut down because of asbestos – Benjamin Franklin High and Science Leadership Academy have been shut for weeks and students are learning in temporary locations. According to the Inquirer, in the last seven months more than 50 complaints of environmental problems at FLC have been reported to the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers — not just asbestos, but also mold, mildew, crumbling walls, damaged lead paint, and thermal control deficiencies. (Via Inquirer)

In Bellevue news, our team would like to wish a farewell and happy trails to part of our family that’s moving on. Congratulations to Regina Hairston who has accepted the position as First Deputy in the office of newly elected Register of Wills, Tracey Gordon. During her time at Bellevue, Regina has displayed a highly professional sense of responsibility and care for those who have trusted us with their projects. Among many things, her thoughtfulness and attention to detail will be missed. Congratulations Regina! We’ll always be here to support.

We have a few new podcasts for you to check out! Head over to The PA Politics Podcast page on our website to hear from Representative Malcolm Kenyatta and Senator Sherif Street.

See you next week!

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