COVID-19 Update 04/24/2020

COVID-19 Update 04/24/2020


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IRS says about 88M Americans have gotten stimulus payments 

  • About $158 billion was distributed to nearly 88.2 million taxpayers nationwide over the first three weeks of the program, which was enacted to help individuals and families in the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Most of those receiving the payments filed their tax returns this year or last year, though millions not typically required to file are also eligible and some are automatically getting the payments because they participate in other federal benefits programs.

Small business loans will restart on Monday 

  • The paycheck protection small businesses rescue will restart on Monday less than two weeks after its funds were exhausted, replenished with $320 billion in new money that President Donald Trump signed into law Friday.
  • The SBA will resume accepting applications at 10:30 am on Monday. 
  • Officials are now discouraging big businesses from seeking the loans following a huge backlash over companies like Shake Shack and Ruth’s Hospitality Group getting access to the aid. 

Facebook launches Rival to Video-Meeting App. Zoom 

  • Facebook released a new feature today called Message Rooms that allows anyone with a Facebook account to invite up to 50  friends to join, even if those people are not Facebook users. 
  • The messaging room looks very similar to Zoom. 
  • It will be rolled out worldwide in the next few weeks. 


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COVID-19 update: 38,652 COVID-19 cases and 1,492 deaths.

Wolf Administration Announces Housing and Transportation Funding for Pennsylvania Communities

  • Today, the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) announced the first round of funds from HUD that were allocated in the CARES ACT. 
  • These funds will be made available from HUD and released in three tranches. DCED received an appropriation of $24,691,407 that will be distributed using its small cities entitlement allocation formula.
  • You can find a list of areas that received funds in this first round here. 

Emergency Solution Grants (ESG) Deadline extended 

  • DCED today announced that it received  $19,920,655 in ESG funding from the CARES ACT. 
  • DCED has released the application and guidelines to accept proposals to subgrant its appropriation under this program.
  • Applications will be accepted until June 1st.

Please reach out to a Bellevue Associate if you need help applying for this grant.

Upcoming Events: 

Saturday 10:30 am Senator Hughes: “ “Don’t Let Democracy Die: Coronavirus and its Impact on the Black Community” will be hearing from a panel of esteem group of guest featuring: 



RSVP here.


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COVID-19 update: 11,877 confirmed cases and 449 confirmed deaths. 

CHOP model projects COVID-19 course in Philly, other densely-populated counties
  • The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has created a new model that focuses on county-level projections for COVID-19 transmission. 
  • real-time data from 260 counties across the United States is used to project the risk of resurgent transmission in the scenario of communities partially reopening in mid-May. 
  • The estimates for Philadelphia show a quick spike in daily new cases through June if the city follows a partial reopening. The model then projects a steep decline in cases beginning in July.

Workers at 180-bed South Philly nursing home ravaged by coronavirus have voted to strike

  • On Friday, direct-care and service, unionized workers at St. Monica Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare, a nursing home in South Philadelphia have authorized a strike. 
  • The workers, who are represented by District 1199c, have watched as sixteen residents have died of the coronavirus and eight residents have been sent to the hospital. Twenty employees or 15% of the staff have tested positive or are awaiting test results. 
  • The nursing home only began isolating coronavirus patients this week. The workers say they lack PPE. While nurses have N95 masks, service workers those in dietary, laundry, and environmental service — only get surgical masks. The owner of this nursing home has been cited by the federal government and received a one-star rating in 2019. In 2017, it was the fourth-most profitable nursing home in the region.

Good News of the Day


Air Pollution in Major World Cities Has Dropped By as Much as 60% During COVID Shutdowns, Says New Report

Via The Good News Network – As the world continues to wait out the worst of the coronavirus outbreaks, this new report says that air pollution is falling to record new lows in some of the most polluted global cities.
This week, IQAir, a global leader in air quality data and solutions, published a COVID-19 Air Quality Report that shows that air pollution levels in 10 major global cities have dropped by as much as 60% during government-mandated lockdowns due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.


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