COVID-19 Update 04/29/2020

COVID-19 Update 04/29/2020


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The Legal Fight Between Insurers and Businesses Is Expanding

  • A litigation campaign against the country’s property insurers that began with celebrity chefs and their restaurants know includes a nonprofit focused on fighting anti-Semitism. 
  • The plaintiff is the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, an educational and human-rights advocacy business that has been closed to the public since March 19 under a stay-at-home order by the city’s mayor. 
  • The center’s case, and two others filed by lawyer John Houghtaling, may be  instrumental in determining whether insurers will be on the hook for ‘business interruption’ coronavirus claims totaling potentially hundreds of billions of dollars in claims.”

State and local government aid plan coming from House Democrats

  • House Democrats will be releasing a plan next week to get federal aid to state and local governments. Provisions will include tax-advantaged borrowing programs, known as private activity bonds and Build America Bonds. In addition, there will also be a potential infrastructure plan. 

States Take Early Steps to Manage COVID-19 Budget Fallout

  • In order to cut expenses many states have been following the playbook of the Great Recession when these governments—which must balance their budgets—had to close budget gaps worth billions of dollars.
  • States’ urgency is driven by their calendar.  Many states have been using their Rainy Day Funds. As of late April, at least 10 states had drawn from savings or paved the way to more easily access funds, such as by moving money to emergency accounts.




Covid-19 update: 44,366 total COVID-19 cases and 2,195 deaths. 

Amid COVID-19, Wolf vetoes telemedicine bill over abortion concerns

  • Today Gov. Wolf vetoed a  bill to mandate insurers pay for remote doctor’s visits because it included a provision that tried to restrict remote access to abortion.

Sens. Costa, Hughes unveil PA CARES, a plan to allocate federal CARES Act funds

  • Today the State Senate Democrats unveiled their plan for how Pennsylvania should allocate the $3.9 billion in federal CARES Act funding the Commonwealth is set to receive.  
  • A major focus of the PA CARES Plan is funding initiatives that help individuals and families, such as housing assistance programs, student debt relief, veterans’ assistance, utility assistance, and food bank support.
  • More information on their plan can be found here. 

Pennsylvania state universities freeze tuition, plan for uncertain fall

  • State universities will not be raising tuition going into next year. 
  • The state universities also anticipate a $52 million budget deficit. 



Covid 19 update: 13,803 covid-19 cases and 516 deaths. 

Philadelphia will allow construction to resume Friday — with some limitations

  • Mayor Kenney issued an executive order that authorizes construction work to occur between 7am-5pm M-F. However, the order limits the number of workers on a site based on its type and square footage.
  • Half the construction in Pennsylvania happens in Philadelphia, according to the Building Industry Association of Philadelphia.
  • The city will not issue a permit to any project requesting a zoning code variance until further notice, and the city will handle all permitting online.

City Council to have hearing and vote on Board of Ed nominees Friday

  • City Council will hold a virtual hearing on Friday morning that is scheduled for 11am. 
  • Mayor Kenney will present his revised budget that is expected to show a  steep decline in revenue that may impact city services. 
  • The hearing and meeting will be held virtually and aired on Channels 64 or 40 and live-streamed at Speakers interested in making public comment must call 215-686-3406 by 5 p.m. on Thursday, April 30, and submit their name, a call-back number, and say whether they are for or against any specific bill or resolution on the agenda. They will be called during the session and have up to three minutes to speak.

Comcast extends free WiFi offerings, eliminating disconnects and late fees through June 30

  • Comcast will not be cutting off services if an individual can not pay through June 30th. 
  • Comcast is also pausing its data plans and giving its customers access to unlimited data.
  • Internet Essentials which is Comcast’s program for qualifying low-income households will be available complimentary for 60 days of service during the pandemic for new customers.

Goods News of the Day

The 2020 Building Hope Luncheon is now the Building Hope VIRTUAL Lunch-In!
Building Hope Virtual Lunch-In
Thursday, May 7, 2020
12-12:45 p.m.
Livestream Broadcast on
Everyone is welcome to tune in so, watch alongside those in your home and share this event with your friends, family, and neighbors. There is still no ticket price for the event and gifts of all sizes will be celebrated. You can register below as an individual, and we are still offering the opportunity to sign-up as a Table Captain with added features for the virtual event.

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