COVID-19 Update 06 May, 2020

COVID-19 Update 06 May, 2020


Next round of small business relief may come with fewer strings attached

  • A bipartisan group of lawmakers is working on changes to the PPP program that will include lengthening the time that small businesses can spend the money; allowing them to use less of the aid on trying to retain employees and more for expenses like rent, and expanding the relief to larger companies.
  • Restaurants and other businesses have said that the requirement to use the money within eight weeks after receiving the loan is impractical and that the mandate to spend at least 75 percent on the payroll is too high a hurdle.
  • The Treasury Department has yet to release any rules on how businesses and nonprofits should complete the progress in order for their loans to get forgiven. 

If you are a Bellevue Client who received a PPP loan and need guidance, please reach out to an associate. 

Education Groups Crank Up Pressure on Congress With $250 Billion Request

  • More than 70 organizations sent a letter to Congress requesting more funds for schools specifically for students from low-income communities. The letter is urgently asking for more funds to be put towards internet access. 
  • This request represents an evolution of what the unions and others sought roughly a month ago when they asked Congress for more than $200 billion for education.


New cases below 1,000 for 4th straight day in Pennsylvania

Finally, there’s help for Pa.’s small businesses that doesn’t involve a lot of red tape 

  • The Pennsylvania 30 Day Fund will be distributing money in the form of $3000 in forgivable loans. The goal is to help small businesses who have not been able to access federal funds or have tried to access federal funds have been struggling.
  • You must apply online and the committee will make a decision if you can receive the funds in the next few days. 
  • The fund is being spearheaded by business owners in the community. 

Please let us know if you apply as we can help with the application process. 

Wolf orders liability protection for Pennsylvania coronavirus health-care providers

  • Gov Wolf issued an executive order that provides a liability shield to individual medical practitioners for providing COVID-19 care during the pandemic. The order does not prevent lawsuits against operators of hospitals, nursing homes, and other facilities.
  • The executive order also is in line with actions neighboring states have taken and is responsive to the needs and requests of the health care community.

Wolf says Pa. employees should refuse to go to work if they don’t feel safe, but some fear putting jobs at risk

  • Wolf told employees that if they feel unsafe should they should not go back to work. However, his administration has only issued 25 warnings and no citations to businesses that are failing to take steps to protect workers from Covid-19.
  • If an employee feels his or her workplace is not following state and federal guidelines, they should file a complaint with the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, local law enforcement, the state police, or state agencies like the Department of Health.


New cases below 1,000 for 4th straight day in PennsylvaniaN

Temple, Jefferson cancel Fox Chase Cancer Center deal, citing coronavirus impact

  • The planned acquisition of Fox Chase Cancer Center by Jefferson is off because of the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Both Temple and Jefferson said the termination of the deal was amicable, and that they agreed on the reasoning behind the decision.

 N.J. beach towns can’t restrict access to residents only, Murphy says

  • Gov. Murphy said that beach towns cannot legally restrict beaches to only residents. He said that the state will try and implement similar protocols at the beach as they did this weekend at New Jersey’s national parks where parking was limited to 50%. 
  • Cape May County Ocean City has already purchased 100,000 masks to hand out to visitors.

Good News of the Day

Nike Donates Tens of Thousands of Shoes They Designed Exclusively for Healthcare Workers

Via The Good News Network –

After designing a special athletic shoe for healthcare workers that can withstand 12-hour shifts, Nike has donated 30,000 pairs to hospitals across the United States and 2,500 to hospitals in Europe.

The company is also sending more than 100,000 additional apparel items, including compression socks and sportswear kits, as a ‘thank you’ to frontline workers.

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