COVID-19 Update 15 July, 2020

COVID-19 Update 15 July, 2020


Federal stockpile is thin amid coronavirus surge, internal documents show

  • According to internal federal government documents, medical professionals are concerned that they will not have the personal protective equipment available if coronavirus cases continue to surge.
  • The Strategic National Stockpile and the Federal Emergency Management Agency have fewer than 900,000 gloves in reserve – just 30 percent of the amount requested by state and local government. 
  • Nursing homes and long-term care facilities have been experiencing major PPE shortages, reporting that nearly 20% of all facilities in the United States have only one week or less than one week of PPE remaining for staff members. 

States petition for federal National Guard orders to be extended for coronavirus response

  • The governors of 31 states and territories have petitioned the Defense Department for funding in an effort to keep National Guardsmen on COVID-19 response missions at least through late fall. 
  • There are nearly 32,000 domestically deployed troops supporting current emergencies like COVID-19, natural disasters, and racial injustice protests. 
  • The current orders for the National Guard are scheduled to end on August 21, and states are asking the federal government for help in the cost of keeping up benefits and pay for deployed personnel. 


COVID-19 update: The Pa.  Department of Health reports that there are 97,665 confirmed and probable cases of COVID-19 in Pennsylvania. There are at least 6,957 reported deaths from the virus. According to Johns Hopkins University, 74,436 of those cases recovered from the virus.

PA House Passes Constitutional Changes That Would Limit Governor’s Emergency Powers

  • A proposed change to Pennsylvania’s constitution limits the governor’s power during an emergency situation such as the COVID-19 pandemic, such as the ability to veto a resolution from the General Assembly to end a disaster declaration. 
  • GOP lawmakers have voiced their upset over Governor Wolf’s unwillingness to ease certain pandemic restrictions in the early months of the pandemic. 
  • Wolf vetoed multiple bills early on that would have required him to allow more business to reopen, and despite the upset, the state Supreme Court upheld the governor’s disaster declaration. 

15 states pledge emissions-free truck sales by 2050

  • Pennsylvania is one of 15 states pledging to make all new truck and bus sales emission-free by 2050.
  • The interim goal is to have 30 percent of new truck and bus sales be emission-free by 2030. 


COVID-19 Update: 27,867 confirmed cases and 1,646 deaths in Philadelphia.

Philly’s coronavirus back-to-school plan: no full reopening, most students in class 2 days, will cost $60-$80 million more

  • Each of the district’s 200-plus schools will develop its own operations plan to execute the district’s broad guidelines, including social distancing, all staff and students in masks or face shields, a ban on nonessential visitors, and meals mostly eaten in classrooms.
  • The program will cost $60-$80 million dollars. English, math, art, music and physical education will be prioritized for face-to-face learning, the district said. Preschoolers and students with complex needs will attend school four days a week. 

Mayor Kenney’s second-in-command to resign over police reform efforts

  • Philadelphia Managing Director Brian Abernathy will step down in his role as Mayor Jim Kenney’s second-in-command by September.
  • His resignation is in part due to his past comments and his relationship with the police department. Many in the Kenney administration did not have confidence that Abernathy would be able to implement a police reform.

Good News of the Day

‘Our hero!’: Dog alerts Pace family of a house fire

Via MSN – They say “not all heroes wear capes” — but in this case, he does now!

The Troyer family’s dog Lucky alerted the family of a fire before the smoke detectors. 

“Our garage caught on fire last night from a rag we used with linseed oil to oil our rocking chairs,” Jennifer Troyer says. “It combusted in the heat of the garage. Our dog named Lucky alerted us before the smoke detectors and we got out safely. He is our hero!” 

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