COVID-19 Update 17 July, 2020

COVID-19 Update 17 July, 2020


HHS to send $10B to hospitals in coronavirus hot spots as surge continues

  • HHS said Friday it will deliver an additional $10 billion in federal relief dollars to hospitals in new coronavirus hot spots areas as COVID-19 cases continue to surge in the South and overwhelm some hospitals.
  • HHS said its second round of hot spot funding will reimburse providers who cared for a disproportionately high number of patients with the disease through June 10.
  • Overall, hot spot funding committed to hospitals now totals more than $20 billion, representing 12% of the overall $175 billion of the total provider relief funds made available through two pieces of legislation, including the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act. 
  • Of that $175 billion, $125 billion has been allocated but just $61 billion has been delivered and attested to by the providers that have received it. 

Fed opens Main Street Lending Program to nonprofits

  • The Federal Reserve has opened its Main Street Lending Program to nonprofit organizations, expanding the existing program intended to help businesses weather the coronavirus pandemic.
  • The addition of two new credit facilities to the program will facilitate loans to organizations like educational institutions, hospitals and social service groups with at least 10 employees, the central bank said Friday. Nonprofit organizations will be able to obtain loans of at least $250,000 and up to $300 million.
  • When the Fed originally proposed opening up the $600 billion program to nonprofits on June 15, it only proposed offering loans to nonprofit organizations with at least 50 employees, but adjusted that threshold after receiving feedback.


COVID-19 update: The Pennsylvania Department of Health says there have been 99,478 cases of coronavirus in the state. That is an increase of 1,032 from the previous day.

The department currently has reported a total of 6,992 deaths. That is an increase of 19 deaths from the previous day.

Some Pa. workers can get a temporary $3 an hour raise under new state grant

  • Gov. Wolf announced a new program to help frontline workers receive hazard pay. 
  • The grant program can add up to $3 an hour to the wages of about 46,000 full- and part-time workers who currently make less than $20 an hour for ten weeks, from August until October.
  • Eligible workers include nursing home attendants, grocery store cashiers, hospital security guards and bus drivers, among others.
  • Employers must apply on behalf of their employees. The applications can be found here. Employers have until July 31st to apply. 

 ‘A Pyrrhic victory’: Pa. Senate sends House probation bill that reformers say doesn’t fix a broken and expensive system

  • PA currently has the second-highest probation rate in the nation. The original Senate bill aimed to limit how long someone can spend on probation in Pennsylvania.
  • But the Senate Judiciary Committee removed that provision and added new requirements for people on probation, saying the changes were needed for bipartisan support. Organizations such as the ACLU and an association representing probation officers are not supportive of the new bill.
  • The ACLU-PA accused the Senate on Wednesday of watering down the reform effort to secure a swift passage before the chamber adjourned for summer recess. 


COVID-19 update: 28,159 individuals have been diagnosed with COVID-19 in Philly and there have been 1,665 deaths,

Philadelphia Neighborhoods Seeing Increase In Gun Violence Also Hit Hard By COVID-19 

  • The increase in gun violence in Philadelphia is happening in neighborhoods also hard hit by the coronavirus, according to new research from the University of Pennsylvania.
  • The spike of violence is happening mainly in North and West Philadelphia, where new research shows there’s also been an increased number of people infected with COVID-19.
  • During the pandemic, there’s also been an increase in gun sales that disproportionately impacts minorities — a community especially hard hit by the coronavirus because of higher rates of diabetes, obesity and hypertension that increase the risk for infection and serious complications.

Philadelphia’s labor movement faces a reckoning over the city’s powerful police union

  • Unions across the county have begun to split ways with police unions. In Philadelphia and Pennsylvania that has not been the case thus far. 
  • Police unions like Philly’s Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5 have long had a tenuous relationship with the rest of labor. The group is not a dues-paying member of the Philly AFL-CIO.
  • In Philly, observers say the FOP sees itself as apart from the local labor movement.

Good News of the Day

Teen creates comics with superheroes with disabilities to inspire her friend


When Trinity Jagdeo’s best friend was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2, a rare and serious degenerative disease, Trinity wished her friend had a hero she could relate to, someone to inspire her.

She couldn’t find one. So she created one.

“Seeing what my best friend was going through, I wanted to do more for others like her.” In 2014, her friend Alexus Dick was hospitalized for six months. “We’d watched all of the movies that she had lining her room, and I took note of how drained she was. She had nobody to look up to while she was going through that battle.”

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