COVID-19 Updates August 31st, 2020

COVID-19 Updates August 31st, 2020


U.S. coronavirus cases pass 6 million

  • Today, the total number of coronavirus cases topped 6 million in the United States. 
  • Even though the infection rate is falling in nearly every state, the number has still been steadily rising.
  • This number comes as new concerns are raised about colleges reopening. 
  • In Congress, a stalemate keeps the new coronavirus relief bill gridlocked as President Trump advocates for a $1.3 trillion package, and Speaker Pelosi offers a $2.2 trillion package. 

HHS bids $250 million contract meant to ‘defeat despair and inspire hope’ on coronavirus

  • The Department of Health and Human Services is bidding out “more than $250 million in a contract” to a communications firm.
  • The purpose of hiring a communications firm is the HHS’s attempt to “build a coalition of spokespeople” around the country to help in providing important public health and vaccine information in the wake of the country’s reopening. 


Pa. Child Care Providers To Receive $117 Million In CARES Act Funding

  • The coronavirus pandemic caused over 200 child care providers to close over the past few months. 
  • A remaining $117 million in CARES Act funding has been made available for Pennsylvania child care providers to split, according to a press release by Governor Tom Wolf. 
  • “Pennsylvania has made significant investments to preserve the child care sector,” he said, “But we know that providers remain vulnerable to the economic impacts of the COVID-19 crisis.” 
  • It is the hope that as the state reopens, more child care providers will also be able to safely reopen their doors to children of working families. 

Pennsylvania residents prepare for the statewide eviction moratorium to end Monday

  • One in five adults in Pennsylvania either missed July’s rent or mortgage payment and have slight or no confidences that they can make upcoming August payments, according to a Census Bureau survey last month. 
  • As the statewide eviction moratorium ends today, families fear that landlords will kick them out, which the program does not allow them to do, or to continue to ask for late fees. 
  • Philadelphia will only begin hearing rescheduled court cases on Thursday, and new cases are backed up until late November. 


Philadelphia Eagles’ Jeffrey Lurie offers Lincoln Financial Field as polling place in 2020 election

  • After the NBA announced it would turn its arenas into polling places in November, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie offered up the Lincoln Financial Field as a polling place for the 2020 election. 
  • Lurie hopes that using the stadium as a polling place will allow voters and workers to spread out, as is the concern with the upcoming election. 

Philly gets $10 million grant to secure November election

  • Philadelphia area election officials have received $10 million in grant money to help run the November election.
  • City Commissioners Chair Lisa Deely said that she’s “excited about the grant from the nonprofit, non-partisan Center for Tech and Civil Life”. 
  • The grant will hopefully be helpful in running the election across the city amidst budget cuts, the pandemic, and “fears about ballot security”. 

Trash, recycling collection expected to operate on regular schedule this week

  • Garbage and recycling pickups are expected to take place on a normal schedule across the city beginning this week. 
  • The Streets Department is encouraging residents to follow set-out limits and regulations, and be aware the extenuating circumstances may set pick-up back again. 

Good News of the Day

Tango competitors take to the living room floor

Via The BBC – The annual World Tango Championship is usually held in Buenos Aires, but this year it took place online because of the coronavirus pandemic.Instead of competing in crowded dance halls, couples submitted video footage of them performing their intricate steps at home or in the street.

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